The SE17 Chair grows in London

during lockdown restrictions -recognizing the bountiful material landscape that exists all around us and exploring alternative ways of production.

The SE17 project is an investigation into hyper-local resource streams and how to unlock the value of materials often considered waste by utilising traditional craft techniques. Discarded materials are collected to both create the object and the tools with which to make it: market pallets were transformed into a spring pole lathe to turn the mortise and tenon chair from downed wood found in a nearby park. Plastic bags from the market and discarded textiles where cut into strips and twisted into rope to form the seat webbing of the chair.

There is an almost unlimited supply of valuable material discarded in the streets daily, and with a keen eye and the ability to utilize craft techniques one is able to transform the mundane and overlooked into objects which are both long lasting and showcase the care and the hand of the maker. 

Instead of relying on professional workshop spaces, precise machines and globalized resource streams to realize a finished object, we are making the tools and machines ourselves, to then build pieces of furniture and create other objects which speak the unique language of their origin.

self initiated project during lockdown restrictions

spring 2020, London

in collaboration with Andrew Scott

KI Award 2020 - highly commended

Andreas Kamolz SE17 Chair

"Due to the current crises we now see more clearly how fragile global systems are and we believe that it is necessary to investigate alternative ways of production and consumption. 

We think that it may point towards a need in the future for us to be more resilient, self sufficient and keen to recognize the enormous potential in what we are surrounded by on a  hyper-local level everyday."

SE17, London
identifying local urban material streams
wander & observe
wander & observe
found pallets
locating found materials
transporting downed branches from the park
imagining the chair
imagining the chair
building a spring pole lathe
turning wood
rope making from market bags and discarded textiles