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andreas kamolz

vase - ornament - now

zeitgeist & process exploration

A product is always a reflection of current affairs in which it has emerged, an expression of the feeling, the situation of a society for which it was made. The vase has lost its original function as a transport and storage container since a long time. Beyond the practical function as a container the vase itself was transformed into an independent art object. In the following considerations, elements from today‘s digital age were applied to a formal-aesthetic simple cylindrical vase. Released from their original context and assigned as an ornament new functions were generated. 
Boards of computer chips and processor cores are the „heart“ of every computer and give these „organisms“ their performance. 
At the same time, the chips have their own fascinating aesthetics. They appear like small towns, like a microcosm. This image was now extracted, enlarged and applied on the vase. In addition to traditional glazing techniques I also used cobalt, copper and manganese for the glaze.

free project: product semantics
Bauhaus-University Weimar

summer 2014

project mentoring:
Prof. Gerrit Babtist

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