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three unusual ways to turn on light

These three lightswitch concepts were made during my exchange semester at the Pratt Institute, New York.

It was a one week short project in which I had to choose three persona/situations for whom I had to develop the concepts for. I chose some rather unconventional "clients" in order to challenge the classic and known notion of a lightswitch. The project included the conceptual development, the presentation of a designmodel and final product-photographs.

Pratt Institute, New York

Autumn 2013



Prof. Harvey Bernstein

20 %
60 %
the religious fanatic

Religious fanatics are people who attach ultimate valuation to objects and then attend to that overvalued object with what is recognizable as a kind of religious devotion.
The black “planet“ in the planetary gear is a symbol for the fanatic who is moving in endless circles around the “sun“, searching for his illumination.
The black “planet“ being on top and the light is switched off. Each other white “planet“ stands for a different stage of brightness.

the indoor waterfall

Following the same movement pattern as the water in an artificial waterfall, you have to give the black circle a little tip and it will fall down and swing around the white circle until it finally comes to rest. The light will be switched off now. In order to turn the light back on, you just need to move the black circle back to the top, where it snaps into its right position.

on / off
the umbrella man

Walking around with an umbrella makes me feel like a knight with a sword. Walking around with a little spring loaded umbrella makes me feel like a soldier with a gun.

This lightswitch symbolizes the target. Your goal is the light.
Aim for the bulls eye and the light will turn on!

push button
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