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hi & welcome
I´m Andreas and am a product designer currently based in London. Through my work, I am always striving to have a positive impact on our future and do what I am most passionate about:
make, create & innovate.
check out my projects  &  let´s have a chat!

About me

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I am a product designer and currently based in London, where I have recently graduated with an MA from Design Products  at the Royal College of Art.

As a designer, I am always striving to have a positive impact on our future and strongly believe that it is more important than ever to take responsibility for our actions and be transparent over their impact. 

Throughout my work, the continuous reflection of cultural and technological novelties becomes manifest in both clear and thoughtful objects combined with an unobtrusive functionality - embodying what I am most passionate about: make, create and innovate. 

Previously I studied at the Bauhaus-University, Weimar and the Pratt Institue in New York.
My studies throughout all three institutions were characterized through a future-oriented and pluralistic approach to design which enabled me to develop my identity as a creative and innovative thinker.

The thoughtful balancing of technical abilities, contextual insights and empathic understanding became the most valuable part of my skill- and mindset to contribute to a contemporary and future discourse in design and the world.

Previous to my MA studies, I have worked as a design manager in the retail industry for three years, producing high-profile window display campaigns for global consumer brands. My project responsibilities were in the fields of campaign development, design, prototyping and serial production - and always closely connected with clients and suppliers. Working in multidisciplinary teams and tackling our everyday challenges has been an invaluable experience which allowed me to continuously learn, improve and grow concurrent with our fast-paced projects.

If you have any question about me, my work, or just want to say "Hi", feel free to drop me a message below.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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